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FOX News
Dec 2, 2010 5:00pm EST
here prior to our stage show tonight and we will talk about what has happened in europe. and people that say it can't happen here. we have a lot to do in the next hour, roll up your sleeves. >>> we are at the beautiful theater in pittsburgh, pennsylvania. i contend the greatest city in the east. this is the one city that i think everybody on my staff says, yeah, i could live there. this is a great, great city. and that's why we have picked pittsburgh, because it is a city that has renewed itself. it was a city in deep, deep trouble and there is also a reason why i'm wearing a sweater with a buffalo on it. buffalo is really one of my favorite animals. it is the ultimate -- it should be over an eagle. it should be the symbol of america. i'll explain why at the end of the program. this program told you, i don't even know when it was, long time ago -- that we were bailing out europe. we were doing it a couple of different ways. we told you that aig, through the aig bailout. we were sending money over to france. we also told you that the imf would bail out europe. here we were on this pr
Dec 18, 2010 6:30pm PST
... aromatic coffee, and delicate cream cakes draw visitors to this elegant capital. the cultural hub of europe for centuries, vienna nurtured musicians, artists, and philosophers to greatness. beethoven and mozart performed within the baroque music halls, and this was the birthplace of psychoanalysis. with a prime location along the danube river, the city was the bridge between eastern and western europe. the golden age of vienna saw wealth and power to rival that of paris and london. and the city's smoky, caffeine-fueled cafes spawned a kind of feverish brilliance that has seldom been equaled. vienna was the ruling seat of the great austro-hungarian empire that once covered a large part of europe. the hapsburgs, europe's most powerful ruling family, governed their domain with regal flourish. though it's now an imperial city without an empire, the proud capital still glitters with reminders of its former glory. and with the fall of communism, vienna has once again become the gateway to eastern europe. maxa, voice-over: with our home base in vienna, we'll take in the city highlights, then we'll
Dec 17, 2010 6:30pm PST
it is doing. >> so werhoping fomore substantive progress. bu>> this would win additional liquidity for europe and that could easily lead to lower interest rates, even lower than they are in germany. q>> but berlin remains opposed o the euro bond solution. >>> e.u. leaders have a great candidate status to the country of montenegro. an official report released last month says of montenegro will need to bring its justice system in line with european standards and that insufficient protection for freedom of speech and the press, and widespread corruption is also a problem there. th>>> north korea has threatened to strike back against the south if they go ahead with a military firing drill on their island. north korean state tevision said retaliation would be deadlier than the previous attack on the island last month. the south said it will go ahead with their drill in the next few days. in november, for south koreans were killed when the north shelled the island. >>> japan says it is radically changing its defense strategy in response to what it views as north korean aggression as well as the mil
Dec 20, 2010 5:00am EST
for you? >> and now "bbc world news." freeze causesg chaos and affects travel plans for more than europe. and live artillery fire from south korea and the north threatens to retaliate. and concerns over an act of terrorism. welcome to bbc world news. >> i do not know how many planes joined the raid. >> 8 correspondent has died at the age -- a long standing correspondent for bbc has died at the age of 61. the week is starting with a lot of tough journeys for many people here in northern europe. freezing cold temperatures causing problems from britain to belgium and germany. the world's busiest airport as many flight delays and cancellations and more expected today. >> normally the world's busiest international airport is not a place for a quiet contemplation. hundreds of thousands of passengers stranded after freezing temperatures left aircraft grounded in going nowhere. crews have been working to get snow cleared overnight. in paris, thousands slept overnight in the airport terminal building, a glimmer of hope. more flights could get off the ground later monday. and a similar picture acr
Dec 20, 2010 6:30pm PST
goff with the business news. >> know when for the misery for thousands of travelers across europe as winter causes massive disruption. the european union criticized the crackdown on opposition supporters in belarus. in germany honors its top athletes for 2010. ♪ >> hello, welcome. central and northern european airports are struggling to stay open. the harsh winter weather is blasting across the continent. europe's busiest airport, heathrow, has resumed a limited schedule, but hundreds of passengers remained stranded there. in frankfurt, things are not much better. >> stranded in frankfurt, and germany's biggest airport, one out of every four flights was canceled on monday. some passengers spent a third night in the terminal. only to find out that they were waiting in vain. >> i am coming from new york, and i want to go to poland. my flight is delayed for two days already, and now i just found out that, you know, my flig to poland was canceled. >> europe's busiest airport, london heathrow, resumed limited operations. british airways said a maximum of only one-third scheduled flig
Dec 14, 2010 12:00am PST
in the way the economy is working. for 200 years, america and europe dominated world production and world exports and manufacturing. now for the first time, the rest of the world outproduces america and europe, and we have to deal with these problems and these problems at the heart of what we are trying to do at the moment to create jobs and give people new opportunities for the future. i'm really saying that think ahead, for the next 10 years about what we can actually achieve. there is going to be a massive consumer market in asia, twice the size of america. this is where we have to export to, this is where new jobs will come from in america and europe. we should produce high technology projects for them. that's where our economic future does lie. tavis: i hope later in this conversation i get a chance to walk down a list of countries, specifically that you talked about that ought to be challenged in the coming months and years. first, though, is it too early and if not, grade for me how we have done in this first crisis of globalization? >> stage one was stopping it from becoming a gre
Dec 11, 2010 7:00pm EST
are seeing clear economic growth. this was a green island when europe was facing a financial crisis. and there is our leadership in nato and the european union. and we see the positive results of a very courageous but also very difficult report in the early '90s. we had to change everything including the economic system. we had to change the social policy. and we had to build a democratic state from the ground. we have been able to achieve that for the last 20 years. but this was not always so easy. i am very happy that i can speak here, at this special institution. and this also reminds the people of poland that we were not able -- we simply did not get a great chance, that this was for europe after the second world war. this was a possibility of building the conditions of safety. according to the normal political issues. and for several dozen years, when the rest of europe, which was destroyed by the second world war, could be reconstructed in different perspectives. using the financial assistance. using the marshall plan. we, at this time, were becoming part of the third world. w
Dec 21, 2010 12:30am PST
for you? >> and now "bbc world news." >> winter weather brings chaos to europe. tens of thousands of stranded passengers were told they may have to abandon their christmas plans. many flights have been canceled. there have been mass cancellations in paris and frankfurt. the u.n. challenges an incumbent in the ivory coast to step down. coming up later, international criticized president election. some protesters were beaten by police. how iran has a determination to keep their nuclear program in tact. winter weather has left tens of thousands of travelers stranded across europe. airports in london, paris, frankfurt, are badly affected. there are delays and cancellations that may be beyond christmas day. we will have the latest from one airport where some passengers are preparing for their fourth day stranded at the airport. we have the latest on the situation in europe. >> and going nowhere fast. for many passengers at brussels airport, monday brought cancellations and frustrations. they could clear the runway, but did not have enough liquid needed to de-ice the plane. clearing the
Dec 1, 2010 6:30pm PST
front puts europe in the grip of subzero temperatures. ♪ >> who will host the 2018 and 2022 soccer world cups? that is what officials in zurich are gearing up to announce tomorrow night. the big question is whether or not their decision will have any credibility at all. allegations of corruption have surrounded the bidding process. members of the executive committee of been spend for allegedly selling their votes. now russian prime minister vladadir putin, his country was once one of the favorites to win, says he's not even going to bother to attend the announcement, claiming the whole process has been tainted by the scandal. >> the first fifa representatives arrived in zurich, where there will face when they turn out to be the organization's biggest scandal. one member from tahiti was a member of the 24-person executive committee until recently. the ultimate decision makers for rich country hosts the world cup. it is alleged he offered his vote for cash to journalists disguised as a businessman. he has appealed his 1-year suspension. and that legal move could put a big question mark ove
Dec 8, 2010 6:30pm PST
in the shooting of john lefnon. deep differences opinion are rising on how countries in europe should work themselves out of the sovereign debt crisis. the president of the group strongly criticized germany for rejecting his proposal of bonds as a way of helping weaker countries raise money. he said that german government thinking was simplistic. berlin accused him of unsettling the market. >> the president has accused berlin of rejecting his proposal for stuing it. he said that bonds would provide cheaper debt for countries with tight budget deficits. the german chancellor would like eu leaders to abandon the idea as they draw up a permit rescue them -- drop a permit rescue mechanism for the euro. >> we are working in a targeted a manner towards that which awaits us next friday. my calm demeanor is my contribution to the process. >> fort angela merkel, the remarks by the euros on president art not helpful. this would keep groups from fixing their economies. -- for angela merkel, the remarks are not helpful. >> we asked if the most powerful member of the eu was becoming isolated on th issu
Dec 16, 2010 6:30pm PST
on europe. wikileaks founder julian assange has been granted conditional bail by the high court in london after a judge rejected an appeal by swedish prosecutors. julian assange is fighting extradition to sweden where prosecutors want to question him about allegations of rape. for the time being, he will be living under strict conditions in england until this case is heard early next year. >> julian assange emerged from the high court to the cheers of supporters. >> it is great to smell fresh air again. first, some thank yous. to all the people of around the world who had faith in me. >> after posting 280,000 euros bail, julian assange remain subject to stringent conditions. he must wear an -- electronics tag and is restricted to living here. swedish authorities are still trying to have him extradited on allegations of sexual misconduct. he denied the charges. his lawyers called them politically motivated. julian assange turned himself into british authorities in days after wikileaks released thousands of confidential of u.s. diplomatic cables that greatly angered and embarrassed washingt
Dec 20, 2010 5:30pm EST
europe, disrupting flights around the world and messing up the travel plans of millions. >> i'm coming from new york, and i want to go to poland. my flight is delayed for two days already. >> we were not told our flight was canceled. the board still said on time. i'm standing in the same clothes i've been wearing for three days. >> not with reacting to, it seems. of career retreats from its threat to react -- retaliate -- north korea retreats from its threat to retaliate. the verdict on elections in dallas. seven of the nine opposition candidates have been arrested or adopted. welcome to "bbc world news" -- broadcast to our viewers on pbs in america, also or around the globe. coming up later, still no government agreement in iraq, and how safe is the country now, seven years after the fall of saddam hussein? >> the scars are still visible in the city, and often, they are still very keenly felt. >> i'm not allowed to say, but i counted them all out, and i counted them all back. >> those famous words from veteran bbc correspondent brian hanahan, who died at age 61. hello. if you are watc
Dec 14, 2010 12:00am PST
for their own industry. can the united states and europe be competitive with those manufacturers who want to serve their market or are you saying there's enough for everybody? >> if you look at the development of the luxury good markets, for example, 25% of that is now in china. but if you look at the bigger change that's happening, for the last 200 years the west dominated industrial production, dominated investment, dominated manufacturing, dominated exports. since 2010 this year we're being outproduced and outexported and outmanufactured by the rest of the world. but at the moment we're not being outconsumed because china has got such a long way to go, india such a long way to go. the rest of asia, brazil, south africa, russia, such a long way to go to become big consumers in the world. that has happens, they will want the branded goods. they will want the technology driven products. they will want the best innovation. america is still the home to the greatest innovateors and the greatest inventors. europe and america between them have the best science and the best technology. now that
Dec 15, 2010 5:30pm PST
campos: where are they had quarterbacks -- headquartered? >> i think it is in europe. i am not sure exactly which country. the choice of -- the question ofi ha are not -- the question of whether or not the icc would compel the arbitration to occur in europe, some foreign country, the location of any arbitration -- that is to be mutually agreed upon by the parties. that is included in the agreement. the choice of law is california law. supervisor campos: but the agreement does not say that it would not be europe, right? >> it would be mutually agreed upon by the parties. supervisor campos: but if the other side does not want to agree to a jurisdiction outside of europe, there would be no mutual agreement. therefore, what happens? >> what would occur if there is a mutual agreement? supervisor campos: the concern i have here -- i have a lot of respect for the work you are doing. you are an excellent attorney. are we going to find ourselves in a position where we are arbitrating in geneva or whatever it is? the kind of resources that are going to go into that? should there be that kind
Dec 5, 2010 10:00am EST
in europe, which is a concern. we have had, other than the jobs report just now, we at had relatively good news on the u.s. economy. the reaction has been mixed up with that data. >> a lot of people say that even with this program of qeii, it will not have a huge effect on the economy. what else can be governments do to get companies to hire and invest? >> i think the line that this will not have any impact -- the litany of the financial market effect that we saw in september and october put that to rest. it does have an impact if the fed is buying a long the treasury curve. those are the financial market effects, so they are not necessarily the real economy, real investment consumption. we know there is long and variable lag between what happens in financial markets and what happens in the real economy. i would expect the easing of monetary policy over the next six-12 months. >> what is your monetary policy. the federal reserve just released a report that showed a slow decline in unemployment. it is still in the 9% range one year from now. what is your expectation and what do you expect t
Dec 27, 2010 7:00pm PST
signs of recovery. those to europe climbed 44% while asia recorded a gain of nearly 20%. domestic auto production declined, though, by 6.7% in november. the drop followed the end of government incentives for buyers of ecofriendly cars back in september. >>> in the domestic housing market, housing starts for november rose for the sixth straight month year on year. that's mostly because of government backed low interest housing loans. the land and infrastructure ministry said on monday that construction of 72,000 houses and condominiums got under way last month. up 6.8% from a year earlier. the ministry says housing starts are improving, though they are still staying at low levels because of uncertain job security and stagnant wages. construction of private houses went up 7% to 27,000 units. november was the 13th consecutive month of increase in this category. condominiums showed a surge of 106%, standing at nearly 9,000 units. >>> in its efforts to counter global warming, the japanese government launched a scheme to subsidize investments by firms looking to cut their carbon dioxide emis
Dec 31, 2010 6:00pm EST
-held consoles. 2011 has begun in large parts of europe and africa. that little line shows where it has yet to come. this is the scene in berlin with this a fireworks display of of the brandenburg gate's. ahead of the celebration, the chancellor has warned of tricky times ahead. in paris, her fellow power broker, the french president, declared the end of the euro would be the end of europe. let's speak with our correspondent on the line from berlin. give us a flavor of all of this. >> the flavor is the fireworks, the sound of fireworks, and the night sky lit up with all of those things around the globe. they have been gathering for about four hours at as the moment happened a few moments ago, the fireworks began. then at the official display happened and seeing still going on. -- it is still going on. berlin is celebrating the new year and i hear a lot of english accent's a round. >> he is fighting to get heard through the fireworks. we will get back to you. we will now go to budapest. hungary in a powerful but tricky position, about to take up the presidency of the eu. >> a lot of exciteme
Dec 21, 2010 5:00am EST
as a winter some cities in nearly 400 years. >> tens of thousands of travelers across europe remain stranded by winter weather. airport ins london, paris and brussels have all been badly effected with many people being advised the delays and cancellations could continue until after christmas. the euro star travelers also hampered. temperatures are expected to rise slightly in the coming days. here's jackie. >> with each update, more bad news. for many passengers at brussels airport monday brought only cancellations and frustration. the authorities cleared the runway but struggled to find enough of the liquid needed to de-ice the planes. extra smies were brought in from germany overnight but even if more happens on tuesday clearing the backlog of travelers could take time. belgium like much of europe has slowed and stopped. in berlin the trams were still running just, but the pace was glacial. and here in germany's aviation hub, frankfurt airport 2/3 of the flights were canceled. those stuck were provided camp beds but it was cold comfort. in france at paris' main airport scores of flights we
Dec 21, 2010 7:00am EST
freeze continues to rate havoc in europe's transport system. another royal wedding announced in britain. the queen's granddaughter to wed. it is midday here in london, 7:00 a.m. in washington and early evening in delhi where the red carpet is being rolled out yet again at another -- as another world leader comes to the compliments. this time it is russian president dmitri medvedev. he is leading a trade delegation in search of multi-billion dollar deals. with a history of friendly relations both countries looking to extend cooperation in nuclear energy, arms trade, and pharmaceuticals. joining me from belly is our correspondent. >> india has ambitions over the next few years to modernize its military, particularly the air force and to modernize its infrastructure so that its economy, which is growing about 9%, can keep on growing. but to do that the government here feels that it needs foreign technology and know-how, which is why it is -- it has been an abiding so many foreign leaders to new delhi. the latest of home, at the major medvedev, the russian president. in a changing world, ol
Dec 5, 2010 1:00pm EST
. we'll talk about wikileaks but also the fate of europe as the euro comes under new pressures. and american budgetary pressures. then, "what in the world?" 2010 was a real catastrophe. we'll tell you what the floods and quakes and the heat and the rain and the storms might mean. >>> next up, he was politically incorrect, now he's realtime. bill maher joins me to talk about president obama, the tea party, and much more. >>> and finally, a last look at taking national pride a little too far. let's get started. >>> joining me now, jilian tet, u.s. managing editor of the "financial times." richard haas, the president of the council on foreign relations. and neil ferguson, professor at harvard college and the harvard business school. welcome to all of you. richard, the wikileaks documents, you know what i think. but you've been a practicing diplomat. this must be a nightmare for hillary clinton in the sense that she's got to go through a long rolrolodex of calls explaining, no, we don't think you're an idiot. no, we don't think you're a moron. >> but we actually do think those thin
Dec 19, 2010 10:00am EST
about europe. how serious is the crisis right now? can europe handle a continuing loss of confidence in the ability of these countries, now substantial countries, to pay their debts? >> well, europe shouldn't have to handle that. europe needs to deal decisively with it, and i've spent much of my last six weeks discussing this issue with fellow european finance ministers. and i think there are two components to the solution. one is the euro zone, the countries that have the euro as their currency, need to come up with a decisive plan to deal with the imbalances in a single currency area when you don't also have a single political area or single fiscal area. second almost to the solution is that countries need to resolve their own problems. ireland's got a major banking problem, and is now with international support dealing with it. portugal's got a long-term productivity problem and needs to address that. spain had got problems in its regional banks and is addressing that. so yes, the euro's got to act, but the individual countries have got to act. >> when you watch the chinese, the s
FOX News
Dec 28, 2010 5:00pm EST
you, we are repeating many of the same mistakes. today, germany is ironically europe's largest economy. spending money, well, these days they're spending money bailing other countries out. don't forget, u.s. taxpayers are on the hook for the bail-out as well. how the european crisis affects all of us. plus more insight from david buckner next. >> glenn: we witnessed the european debt crisis in the past year. countries like spain and portugal are making the same mistakes as greece and ireland and so on and so on. what is the lesson here? today, in spain, they are sporting europe's highest rate of unemployment at 20.5%. by the way, that's the country that led the way on the green jobs. their debt is 53% of g.d.p. right next to door, portugal. they're at 11% unemployment. their debt is 76% of g.d.p. greece, just when you thought it couldn't get any worse for them, it did. their debt hit a staggering 120% of g.d.p., an they now have 12.2 unemployment. now the spillover to ireland. unemployment is 14%. their debt worseped to 65% of g.d.p. we're all tied together. in europe, especially so. t
Dec 19, 2010 6:00pm PST
shut down travel across much of europe. holiday hopes with christmas less than a week away retailers say they are seeing sales on the rebound. and hoop dream, the university of connecticut women's basketball team wins its 88th straight game tig the all-time men's record. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with russ mitchell. >> mitchell: and good evening. one day after its historic vote toned don't ask don't tell, u.s. senate met again today to consider start, the strategic arms reduction treaty with russia. democrats this afternoon turned back one republican effort to amend the treaty but final ratification is still anything but a done deal. bob orr has the latest. >> reporter: with adjournment and the holidays looming,. >> senate will be in order. >> reporter: backers of a new nuclear arms treaty with russia took to the senate floor in a lame duck sunday session urging an 11th hour ratification of the deal. >> we 2k07b9 want to do damage to the treaty and kill a treaty which does so much for the security of this nation. >> reporter: vice president biden pred
Dec 12, 2010 11:30am PST
-operation in europe. >>security in numbers, the shanghai co-operation organisation covers a huge proportion of the globalpopulation and is growing in stature. >>and we speak to the prime minister of kazakhstan, karim massimov about how central asia factors into the global tilt to the east. >>hello and welcome. i'm eckart sager and this is world business, coming to you from a very cold andwindy kazakhstan, where leaders from 56 states gathered recently for the osce summit here in astana. kazakhstan is the first former soviet country to hold the chairmanship of the top european security organisation. that role and the decision to actually hold a first meeting in 11 years in central asia are signs of the region's rising geopolitical importance... >>reporter: when political heavyweights like the u-s secretary of state, the russian president and the german chancellor fly into the kazakh capital.... >>you realise the importance of this one meeting for the organisation for security and cooperation in europe or osce. >>nazarbayev: the astana summit restores the tradition of holding high-level meeti
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 2,071 (some duplicates have been removed)